DISTI solvent recovery and cleaning solutions for the paint and ink industry

Solvent Recovery

Save and re-use cleaning solutions and solvents with this effective method for stretching your cleaning budget further.


Tank Cleaning

Eliminate the need to outsource your container-cleaning needs with professional, industrial-grade in-house equipment.


Payback Analysis

Learn how much your operation may be able to save through the use of industry-proven solvent management systems.


DISTI Solvent Recovery

The ability to stretch your cleaning and solvent management further can produce better efficiency, productivity, and even profitability for your business. DISTI by Daetwyler offers a variety of systems with different sizes, capacities, and features to fit the exact needs and scope of your operation.

DISTI Cleaning Solutions

DISTI by Daetwyler has more than 25 years of experience in industrial tank, tote tank, drum washing, and container cleaning equipment. That means we understand exactly how vital it is that your tanks and containers are thoroughly and properly cleaned - because it impacts your final output and quality, too.

Disti is now a member of the Daetwyler family.

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